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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Part One: Sweet Jesus

Nope, I'm not taking the Lord's name in vain.  Instead, I'm thanking him.  What could have turned out to be a disastrous trip on Thanksgiving had a good ending. 

Wayne and I decided since we were by ourselves this Thanksgiving to go to the next best thing other than family, to Johnny McNally's for a Thanksgiving feast on the Kern River.  We have been coming up to McNally's for years.  We had lots to celebrate and be thankful for this year with Wayne just getting out of the hospital.

Yes, Wayne just got out of the hospital, but his cardiologist (who I will introduce in another blog, because he is so special) told Wayne he could walk on the "flat."  Even said, to push himself a bit walking.  So, of course, being the "Anaya's"...we always seem to push ourselves a bit much. :0)

We decided to go to a favorite place of ours on the South Fork of the Kern to do a nature walk with all 5 of our dogs.  Several years ago we took the walk and somewhere on the trail Wayne dropped my new BEST leash.  I sent Wayne back to the truck and used Jet to "Find it" and dang if Jet didn't stop right at the leash and wait for me to pick it up.  The leaves on the trail are about 4 inches thick, so finding lost articles is nothing short of a miracle.  I tell you this now, because it has significance for the rest of this journey.

Coming into the South Fork of the Kern, a few clouds, and temp about in the 50's

No one was at the preserve on Thanksgiving Day.  We had it all to ourselves and our 5 dogs.

Cattle grazing on our drive in to the preserve.  Kilt and Yoko gave them a bit of a Grrrrr as they approached our truck.

We passed some old barns on the land the cattle were grazing.

Took this going across an old bridge.  South Fork of the river can be dry at this time of the year.  But, the water was running well this Thanksgiving.

This sign tells about the some 200 species of birds, etc. seen at the preserve.  Can't say I saw many of them, because what turned out to be a delightful stroll 2-3 miles turned into quite a stressful ordeal.

The dogs had the first part of their lunch.  Everyone had a Jack in the Box hamburger patty.  You can see some tongues saying lip-smacking good.

We have never taken the whole walk.  We decided to start at the end this time, since we had never been on this part.  This road led to grasslands and then into a deep wooded area.  The temperature was ambient and we were just strolling.

Here Wayne and Trouble are taking a break together on a bench.  About every 8th of a mile was a number marker on the trail. 

While Wayne rested the dogs found plenty of water to keep them occupied.

Wayne back up and walking down the trial

The girls found plenty of water to play in.  That plume of a tail Yoko has is half that size today AFTER I cut out the many cockle burrs that were matted in it.  Yuck.

I can see that Wayne is feeling poorly.  I immediately ask what's up?  Heart?  Blood sugar?
He feels he is hypoglycemic.  He is on a new regime of insulin.  I ask if he has hard candy on him?  Of course, the answer is, "No."  He ate fresh pineapple and a chicken breast for lunch while in the truck.
He is getting really good about eating 3 meals and snacks.  Anyway, he is sweating big time.  I 'm looking for a bench or log to sit him on.

Sit.  Stay.  I leave him with the old dogs, 7, 10, 11 and 13.  We are at marker #18.  I start jogging with his keys back to the truck with 3 yr. old Yoko gleefully running with me.  I know we are the only people here at the preserve.  Wayne's sensorium is good.  He knows where he is, so I'm not too worried.  I just told him to stay put and I would be back (sometime, somehow, someday)

I'm thinking as I am jogging down the trail that Wayne needs a younger wife.  I just finished a 12 hr. shift at the hospital yesterday and was looking forward to a relaxing Thanksgiving on the Kern.  I'm also talking to God...asking for a few favors now.
Part 2 to follow tomorrow.
Yoko saves the day!


Karen said...

Good grief woman, a 2-3 mile walk for a guy that has just got out of hospital after a major heart issue!:)
Glad to know ahead of time that it has a good ending though...I'm guessing you dropped the keys along the way.

gvmama said...

Karen...you are way too SMART. Wayne had been walking Mon/Tues/Wed in the city at Central Park. We live on a mountain...nothing too flat here. Plus, I hadn't really expected him to do the WHOLE trail.....sigh