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Thursday, October 20, 2011

I HEART this dog!

How can you NOT love Yoko (if you are one of her friends)  If she hears a friend's voice, she has to say hello.  She insists on a 'therapy hug' from her friends.  Even better yet, if you will lift her off the ground and hug her very tightly.  That's what she loves.

Tap, tap tap.  "Come on Melodie.  I know I have already received several hugs today, but I'd really like you to give me another."

"Oh....this is more like it."

Yoko may not be everything I had wished for as far as a trial dog goes, but she makes up for it by being the most huggable dog around. Plus, she tries so hard to do well.   I love to travel with her (other than her incessant looking for cows from the window).  She is a great watch dog.  No one is going to bother the truck with her in it.  She reminds me a lot of my past Aussies.  :0)

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