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Friday, October 21, 2011

Tell Me Thursday #14 (on Friday)


What obstacles have you overcome this week, and what did you learn from them?

The joys of breeding...NOT!  LOL.   Last heat cycle Kilt was in and out before you could shake a stick.  I wasn't going to breed her, so I just made a mental note of it. 

Finally, I decided to let her have her 2nd litter.  She doesn't bleed much and stays swollen throughout her heat cycle.  The sire I chose is a good 6 hrs. from where I live.  Not wanting to "miss" her I took her to a local Vet who was said to be experienced in "repro."  I asked for a Progesterone test and he said he felt like a vaginal cytology was the way to go.  I took in my calendar chart of Kilt's cycle thus far and let the Vet know that I was traveling a bit of a distance and didn't want to miss her. 

Long story short, the Vet said the cytology indicated she would be ready in 1-3 days.  I waited a day and made the trek to the stud dog.  We AI'ed her X 2 two days apart while I camped out in my truck.  Sperm can swim around for a good 5 days or more in the bitch.  Best to be early rather than late.

Now I have to tell you  (a full week after AI'ing her) I took all 3 dogs with me loose in the truck to work sheep on Tuesday morning.  I'm thinking Kilt is going out of season because Jet hasn't barely looked at her.  I worked the dogs that morning and notice nothing unusual until it is dinner time.  Yo Mama.  Jet went nuts.  That evening Kilt went nuts.  The whole household was in an uproar.

Some 8 days later, Kilt was in standing heat on day 15/16 of her cycle.  She was trying to hump the Lab.  Jet was off his food.  So........I make the 12 hour round trip back to the stud dog (again).  Kilt takes one look at him and says, "Take me, I'm yours."

What did I learn from this?  Don't spend unnecessary $$$ at the Vet.  Probably in hind site, Progesterone testing every 3 days would have been the way to go (if needed).  It might have saved me an extra long trip and a lot of $$$. Next time, wait till the bitch is humping the lab and your own stud dog is off his food and being as obnoxious as heck!

Here's hoping for Christmas time Buzz/Kilt puppies!


Karen said...

After all that, yeah, I'll bet you have your toes and fingers crossed:)

gvmama said...

I think I learned "patience" and "trust your dogs." :0)