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Thursday, August 4, 2011


Jet with his beloved soccer ball

"Playing Treibball uses a combination of classic obedience and herding cues. The game consists of your dog working off-leash and obeying your cues. Your dog uses his nose or shoulders to drive eight balls into a goal within 15 minutes.It takes thinking, communication, and coordination of the team to get the driving done, and all those balls (sheep!) in the goal.
At the sound of a whistle to start timing, the handler directs the dog to the point ball, and the dog drives that ball into the net first. Then the handler chooses which balls for the dog to bring in, and in what order. The dog can be directed to bring in all the blue balls, all the large balls first, or any combination of size and colors, but the dog should only bring the ball to which he is directed. The game stops when all eight balls are in the net/goal and the dog lies down in front of the goal, just like penning sheep!"


We (Melodie and I) are going to Drummond Ranch to play Treibball this upcoming Saturday or at least learn the rules of the game.  My dogs have performed at the Purina World Games exhibiting their basketball/soccer skills.  Jet, and Kilt were team players and Trouble, our JRT was the goalie.  Each time a basket was made, Trouble would pop the ball back out on the playing field for the other dogs.  It was great fun.  The dogs loved it.

I'm taking Jet and Trouble with me.  Kilt is my WILD CHILD and I'm not sure what other dogs will be there.  She will monopolize the balls, bark too much, and snark at the other dogs she doesn't know. Sorry Kilt.  Yoko is quite good at pushing balls, but, really, I'm only supposed to bring one dog.  Jet is the eldest and the best, so he gets the nod.  Trouble is coming, because she is so dang funny and a top notch player.  Who knows..she may get to do a little.  ALL of my dogs are ball fanatics.  The trick is to teach them to push and not use their mouths AKA TEETH.  Trouble jumps in the air and shoulders the ball. It is way cool.

I bought 2 large balls from WalMart 'again' this week and will work with them on "push."  meaning "nose" the ball.  No clicks for mouths.  Really, they shouldn't get any clicks for whacking it with their feet, too.  :0)  Anyway, it sounds like a fun couple of hours and I will report back on what I thought of the class and how the dogs did!

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Karen said...

Another blogger told me about this. I hope you can get someone to film some of it for us:) Sounds like a lot of fun!