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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Santa Cruz homeward bound....

As many beach pictures that I have been posting, I think I know where I'd like to retire!  I love the mountains, but the sea is calling me.  I would like to live long enough to retire somewhere near the water.  My dogs are happy doing anything with me.  I don't need sheep.  Sleep, yes, but not sheep.....LOL

We found quite a bit of volcanic activity on this point.

Don't mess with the roosting bats.  They had their own cave.

What critter lives in here?  Oh, that's me.  :0)
I got my tail end out of there pretty darn fast since they do have the Hanta-virus on the island.

Do you know what lives in here?  I do.

Look closely...it's the elusive Red fox

That's the best I could do.  He wasn't fond of having his photo taken.  Quite frankly, he would have rather had my lunch.  If I could stay there a week, I probably could clicker train one of them.  But, I think that would be frowned upon. :0)

We opted to take the late boat back to the main land.  I'm taking a bit of a rest.

Kayak train going back to our catamaran that we came on.

Dustin (AKA) "I don't need NO stinkin' sun tan lotion.  I'm from TEXAS."

After we all had a cold beer on board cruising back to the main land, we all fell asleep.  Then we had broiled Mahi Mahi burgers and chips for dinner at Andrias at the Ventura harbor.  They were excellent.  Good way to end a fabulous day with my grandson and his girlfriend.  Needless to say, I walked into the house at about 8:20 pm and fell right into bed. ZZzzzzzzzzzzzz  :0)


Karen said...

I'm thinking that Dustin didn't sleep so well:) Ouch! A not quite so perfect end to a perfect day.

gvmama said...

At 21 yrs. of age....nothing bothers them. Ahhhh youth :0)