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Monday, August 22, 2011

101 South

When I awoke at South Beach campground just outside of historic Newport, OR. It was still foggy and misty. I treated myself to what must have been a 30 minute HOT shower. My camping neighbors wanted to know all about Jet and Yoko. They were pleased to give them and the grand kids a morning show of tricks and assorted behaviors. Then the guy wanted to see in my truck. He had never seen an Avalanche and was wondering how I slept in it :0) He thought it was pretty trick. I do, too.
From Newport Beach to Brookings, OR I must have stopped some 8 times for strolls on the beach or photo ops. The sun broke through around 10 am and the coast line was magnificent. We took a 2 mile hike on the beach in Florence. The dogs were eager to swim (well, not Jet, but certainly Yoko) the beaches are almost vacant of people. I always think that so strange when I take this route. About a mile into our beach stroll I heard gulls making a fuss. I saw an Eagle's nest and heard some baby screeches (peeps). Funny. I didn't see the bald eagle parents, but I saw gulls flying by the nest. I also so a bald eaglet on the shore dead that the gulls were pecking :0(. Then, I almost had a heart attack. Yoko ran out into the water and climbed about 10 feet up a 20 foot or so boulder. She stretched her neck out and gave an ALARM bark. Before I could even say her name she was face to face with a sea lion on the rock! He dove for the water and they both lived to tell about it. The other weird thing that
happened was on the way back. There was this ratty looking guy dressed in only Bermuda shorts
holding his arm/hand close to his abdomen wrapped in a shirt that appeared to be covered in
blood. He was walking (with intent) in the opposite direction so I swung way wide around him. I've had enough excitement this trip. I'm sure if he needed help, he would ask for it. For
all I know someone could have stabbed him or maybe, he even had a gun. I kept my distance.
I had many photo ops all down the coast. I know exactly where I'd like to retire. I finally
landed for night number two on the road home in Brookings, OR at Harris State Beach
I had some cheese and crackers for dinner and then saw a BBC movie called Shallow Waters in the Park's amphitheater. It was great. I chomped on a snickers bar that I had in my pocket, met lots of new people and enjoyed myself. Movie over. Pitch BLACK outside under the tall
pines and me without a flashlight. I bet it took me almost 20 minutes to find my camping
site. It was scary, cuz everyone was going to bed. I just kept walking in circles.
Finally, I found our site. The dogs were quietly sleeping in the truck. I think this would
be a good time for me to hit the hay, too. Good night.

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Karen said...

That Oregon coast is beautiful isn't it?
Sounds like quite the eventful day though!