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Monday, August 22, 2011

Lacamas SDT

Soft rain at 4;30 am in Newport, OR on the coast. I just took a pain pill for the excruciating rib pain. I've tried not to complain. It doesn't make me feel better or those who are around me. I've just tried to grin and bare it. Since I'm up I thought I would blog a bit. Old Jet put himself in his soft crate in the truck. It's been hard for him, since I cannot help him into the truck. He takes a running start, growls (due to pain) and sometimes makes it on the first try.....most times not. Thanks to Monique from the PNW for the Medicam. Jet sure appreciates it. Yoko has been a real trooper this trip. She has been easy to care for and has made some new friends, people and dogs.
The weather and setting for Lacamas was just downright gorgeous. They used lambs, fat and healthy, black faced and white faced for the open and pro-novice fields. Put too much pressure on them and they would split. Not enough and they would graze.
Yoko got around her courses well. I was pretty darn proud of her. Her outruns were picture perfect. She had a little difficulty getting control at the top on day one, but on day 2 she looked like an open dog. Each day I couldn't seem to make the pen happen. No sheep got away from Yo (meaning running around the pen) We timed out in the mouth of the pen trying to work them in. We BOTH need more experience penning lambs. We need to get the pen in order to be competitive. But, the good news is that Yoko was in the top 10 standings for both of her runs. She is listening and trying hard. I have identified the holes we need to work on this winter......the little dog that I thought wouldn't make a trial dog may just surprise me!
Homeward bound. I need to see an orthopedic doc since my ribs are misaligned. They broke clean through. I'm pretty tough with pain, but this is a little more than I want. Thanks to Diane Pagel who set me up in her trailer for a nap and then gave up her bed with the memory foam for me to sleep on one night. It was the best night of my trip. :0)


Karen said...

Congrats to you and Yoko, and good luck getting those ribs sorted out.

gvmama said...

Bummer about my ribs, but glad I did not give up on Yoko....personal Best.....3 points off her drive. The little dog that couldn't drive last year....so tickled.