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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sheep feeders

Our new feeders

After the big rains last winter we needed to tractor the ruts out of the sheep pen.  After tractoring the dirt became very silt-like.  I didn't like feeding my sheep on the ground.  I mimicked a friend of mine and bought two blue barrels for $18 each.  Wayne cut the barrels in half and screwed on some small 'treated' wood pieces and voila....feeders!  We have two outside and two inside for our 9 sheep.  The barrels used to contain 'soy sauce,' so I guess their hay is a bit spicier these days :0)

Buffy the sheep-pig

Buffy is my lamb who is is really an almost 18 mo. old sheep now.  She has been a "pig" about her food since she was very small.  Her Mom is a California Red sheep.  Buffy will turn on my dogs (momentarily)  Real 'momentarily' if Yoko is moving them.  LOL  None of the other sheep climb into the feeders.  Sigh.


Karen said...

Those barrels are handy things, we have a bunch of them around here. I lucked out and got a bunch that were being given away:) Of course I stuffed as many on the truck as I could, because, well, since they were free...:) That was a few years ago, and not all of them have a use yet. I keep saying I'm going to make an agility chute out of one. Just add it to the long list of projects that probably won't get done.

gvmama said...

Good idea with te "chute."