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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pocket digital camera

Remember when I thought I lost my little Canon camera at the beach and it turned up in our trailer?  Well, I have now lost it somewhere in the house.  It has been almost a month.  It hasn't magically appeared.  Trust me, it was on it's very last leg.  But, I'd still like to know where it is hiding.  I have looked in all of my travel bags, purses, files, etc.  Nada.

Luckily, I have two Sony's which aren't pocket size, but do take nice photos.  But, when I'm working dogs or on the road I like to have a "small" camera available for some candid pics in my back pocket.  I went camera shopping the other day and was NOT happy with the prices OR with the fact that the view finders are gone.  In bright sunlight it is difficult for me to use anything but a view finder. :0(

So......I got on Ebay and just ordered myself a USED Canon pocket digital the SD1200 that still has the view finder.  Risky, yes.  But, I'm hard on cameras, so if it only has a few outside scratches on it...cool. 

This morning I "missed" Kilt at her funniest.  My girlfriend gave me several flying monkey's that squeal when thrown across the room or chomped upon.  Well, Kilt took one of the monkey's outside with her this morning.  I went down to feed the sheep and I heard the recognizable screaming that had to be from a flying  monkey.  Kilt was tossing it some 20 feet in the air and catching it and repeating her silliness all over again.  I would have loved to have captured that on video. :0)

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