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Monday, July 18, 2011

Gone fishin'

Instead of jest a wishin'

Here's a fish that didn't get away.  This is hanging on my Dad's living room wall.  I caught this sailfish when I was 13 yrs. old.  I came in second for the summer Florida fishing tournament.  Someone actually caught an Atlantic sail that was 1/2" longer (so they say).  Probably just didn't want to be beat by a kid. :0)

Jim and I always go on the half day boat, the Lady Stuart, to ocean fish when I fly to Florida.  This time the water was too cool for this time of the year and the currents too strong.  We got skunked.   That was a "first."                                  

The boat was full.  Jim and I fished at the helm.  We had to keep skipping over the anchor, but at least we didn't get tangled (much) with the other fisherman's lines.  When I first dropped my sardine, something hit my bait super hard.  The pole doubled and everyone got excited.  Only lasted about 5 seconds and then it was gone.  Bummer.  That was the last big bite I had all morning. :0(

If I was only 35 years younger.  hahaha  This is my favorite first mate, Corey.

This house is on the river.  If it was on the ocean it would wash away.  I still don't know how it survives the hurricanes.  Anyway, it looks like a great PARTY house!

The end.  Kids crashed inside the cabin on the way back to port


Karen said...

Hey that Corey....he's so good he can fish with two poles at once:)?
Weather and things related to it seem to be out of the normal range everywhere.

gvmama said...

Sweet Corey...blond dreadlocks, big smile, skinny with muscles. Yep, I tip him well as soon as I get on board. He always gives me 2 hooks instead of one. :0)
I notice a current change. They are now catching fish again. Oh well, next time.