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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mid-State Fair

The Mid-State fair has a 15 dog invitational stockdog competition every year.  This was the 29th consecutive year for the stockdog trial.  This was Jet's 3rd year being asked to work.  I was so hoping this would be "our" year, since Jet isn't a spring chicken anymore.  But, SHIT happens when you are trialing and you have to take it with a grain of salt.  I prefer my grains of salt on a Margarita.  Make that a double :0)
The sheep were lambs.  They were just weaned 24 hours prior to the taking a couple of hours to load them in the stock trailer the morning of the trial.  They were what I call "lamb stupid."  When they saw a dog, they all walked head first to the dog.  Kind of like a bunch of curious llamas.  But, no complaints here with the stock.  I like to work anything.  But, they were as slow as molasses to try to get around the course.

Here's Jet's little place at the fair.  The weather was deliciously cool.

Here's Jet giving me his 'pathetic' look waiting for me to get back from the restroom.  He brought his new oversized lunch pail with him.  It has his name on it.  Several couples came back to the fair to watch Jet run AGAIN this year.  I think he is a favorite with the crowd.  Plus, he is so dang beautifull to look at.  He moves like a dressage horse and his coat flows as he runs.  :0)

Our run was short lived.  After watching dog number one not lift the lambs and dog number two grab a leg and bite a side of a lamb, I decided to let Jet put a bit of pressure on the lift.  One split and ran back to set out.  He picked it up and it ran back to the group.  Jet is a lambmaster, so I wasn't too worried.  Meaning he won't bite unless it is completely necessary.  He is as steady as a rock.  He started moving them on the fetch and "El Beserko" lamb split again and ran back to the fence at full speed.  I had Jet wait to see what was going to happen.  The lamb ducked under the arena fence.  I shrugged my shoulders looking at the judge.  He said, "You're disqualified."  Hmmmm...NOT exactly the words I was hoping to hear.  I had hoped I would have received a re-run.  Especially since it was questionable that it was the dog's fault. NOT TODAY.  C'est la vie.  Two minutes on the course for an 8 hour round trip drive.  Shit Happens.


Mack and Murph said...

Stupid lamb. I hope you still enjoyed your trip! Jet looks very handsome with his lunchbox!

Karen said...

Sounds to me that using a flock of sheep like that was going to make it difficult for any dog to have a half decent run. If the crowd is made up with a lot of none border collie people, they probably feel frustrated too and don't really understand what is going on.
Did anyone manage to give a decent performance?
Our local fair is coming up this weekend, I wish they had some sheep herding at it.

gvmama said...

You're right Karen. I liked the lambs, but not a good choice for a non- working dog crowd. Yes, there were some nice performances...slow as molasses and better if you were one of the last on the run order, and I'm sure better for the finals (which I didn't stay for).