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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pismo Beach

On our way home from the Mid-State fair I decided to take a new route down the coast and then cut over on 166 to the 5.  As Jet and I were driving down the coast, Pismo Beach appeared before us.  It was too gorgeous to pass up.  We didn't stay for the "stockdog finals" at the trial.  We said our 'thank-you's, good-byes, and good-luck' and got on the road.  We had some time to kill.
We spent a few hours in 70 degree weather strolling the bluffs at Pismo beach and even went down to the water so Jet could cool off in the pacific ocean.  It was breath taking. 

Lots of rock formations and the water was crystal clear circumnavigating the huge kelp beds.  Pismo also has a pier and white sandy state beach, but Jet and I stayed up on the bluffs.  There were hardly any people there. 

I saw a person on a rock, so after looking a bit, I found a stair case down to the shoreline.

Jet got too cool off his paws.  He wasn't too sure about the kelp beds, so he didn't go for a swim.  He never was a big swimmer, even in his younger years.  Yoko is our swimmer.  He enjoyed himself out there wading.

He did his duty for the environment and fetched a plastic bottle out of the sea.

There was a small sea cave off to the left.

Happy Jet after climbing back up the stairs to the bluff.

Lots of those beautiful dried grape colored flowers tht look so gorgeous in flower arrangements.
More pics tomorrow. :0)

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Karen said...

Lovely! Is that some kind of statice?