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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Journal eleven at the beach

We paused by the cross on the cliffs. The sun was shining on the cross. As I looked up to thank our Lord for another day, 13 pelicans skimmed over the top the cross with the sunlight glimmering on their feathers. It was an awesome sight. Trouble ducked her head as to keep a low profile. The big birds worry her. Rightly so when you only weigh 10 pounds.

The shimmering of the birds feathers reminded me of my father's home in Florida.  He has three or four shiny brass seagulls on a wall in his home that you see when you look out over the cove.  It made me think of him this morning.  It is 7 am as I walk.  That would make it 10 AM in Florida.  I bet Pop is still reading his newspaper at the wicker table overlooking the water.  I can hear him now.  "Lord, they know not what they do."  Pop always says that when he reads a sentence or a title of an article that "slays" the English language.  Then he will say, "I wonder what they were thinking?"  Just thinking of him makes me smile and makes me glad that I will be with him on his 94th birthday in July.

Someone blogged or talked on facebook about those irresponsible dog owners that let their dogs play with sticks. LOL. I guess I fall into that category. My BCs are stickoholics.. Only once or twice have I had to pry one from the roof of their mouths. I couldn't imagine yelling "leave it" all the way down the beach.  Heck, they run with full branches in their mouths.

We walked for about a mile and as soon as we turned towards home Trouble came to life. She started doing run downs with Yoko. When she thought old Jet was taking his time she ran at him and playfully nipped his cheeks telling him to get a move on. Our Jack is nothing short of brilliant. She was pushing them to HURRY because they hadn't had their morning biscuits yet!

Oh sweet coffee this morning. I went 3 days without coffee. This morning I'm indulging. Windy and cool outside today. Finished my book, Miles to Go. It was a good read, but it had a crappy ending. One of those cliffhanger endings. This appears to be book 2 in a series of 3. I obviously didn't know that or I wouldn't have started with book 2. I have to wait till 2012 for the next book. Boo hiss....I'm not happy with that ending. I'll start another book after my morning coffee while reading yesterday's newspaper. Today's newspaper doesn't get here until around 11 am. Good morning to you.

Jet and Kilt

Kilt doesn't really like to swim, but she will be damned if she will let anyone out do her!  Yoko smiles while she swims.  Kilt looks in pain when she swims.  Oh my gosh...that dog makes  me laugh!  Heaven forbid, if she isn't going to be Numero Uno.

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