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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Journal twelve at the beach

Wayne arrived today at the same time I got a surprise visit from a co-worker, Cathy and her husband Ed. They were on their Harley and I thought they were here for the campers next to us until Cathy yelled out, "Hey, Suzanne." They had ridden from Filmore to Jalama for a Jalama burger! That's over a two hour drive. I guess that tells you how good the burgers are! We had a fun visit. Wayne and  I took a long walk with all 5 dogs to Tarantula point. Whoa....was the wind blowing!

Somewhere along the way back probably when I leashed the dogs my camera must have fallen out of my pocket. When I arrived back at the trailer, my camera wasn't with me. Five days of great sunset photos and pics of the dogs .....gone.....in a moment. I walked about a mile back up the beach, but the tide was already coming in. When I walked back this is what I thought of.  I thought of all the recent storm and tornado victims...... How they lost everything.   I had some neat pics but I made a promise to myself to not say another word about it. Done.....fini....get over it. Guess I'll put in a little overtime and find a new pocket digital. I can't pay too much cuz I always drop them or in this case lose them. Onward and upward. Time to make a fire and dinner.

No hotdogs tonight.  Lambchops, grilled asparagus and garlic mashed potatoes!

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