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Friday, June 10, 2011

Journal ten at the beach

A Motrin for me and a Rimadyl for you....

Jet looked like a puppy this morning. Wish I could say the same. I think picking up the ice chest to drain it yesterday, all 50 plus pounds of it didn't do my neck any good. Plus, I usually sleep 6-7 hours and have been sleeping 8 to 9 hours here at the beach.  My body isn't used to such long hours asleep.

Yoko said time to walk at about 5:45 this morning. Trouble pretended she was asleep. Last night the wind was so strong that my trailer rocked so hard I almost got seasick. And, that was with the stabilizers down. Even so, I slept like a baby. I got up and put my hiking boots and pack on. Trouble wasn't exactly happy about coming out from under my sleeping bag to walk at that hour. I put her in her cordura agility coat knowing it would be cold for her. Leashed up the three musketeers And we were off. First stop, a canyon crevasse where I have seen ferrel pigs before. This is where I let my dogs do their business. They all know the routine. It's away from the beach and out of view for the campers.

Glad we went walking early. It was low tide. I forgot my whistle and my camera, etc. Trouble jumped up on every rock we passed hoping I'd take her picture hoping for a treat. Sometimes Yoko would run to join her. That cracks me up. They are so used to me taking their pictures they run to pose on anything.  I like the beach best in the winter. In the winter, I can find shells galore and see many sea lions, whales, etc.  This trip I have hardly seen anything out of the ordinary.

Good to get back to the trailer.  Coffee time. Having some strong hot coffee while listening to Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Newspaper in hand, feet up:  this is the life.  Wow...Didn't even know it was Memorial Day weekend. Cars and trailers are rolling into the beach..

Next stop....the tributary at lunch time. I promised Yoko that she can swim every day.  That dog can't get enough swim time.

This is where they swim (see the trestle that the train comes over?)
Years ago when the last steam locomotive was going to it's resting place, my 'photog' friends and I knew it was going to pass over this trestle.  We hiked up there and placed quarters on the tracks for it to run over.  While still on the trestle, we heard the train coming!  The conductor was blowing the whistle and steam was puffing out of her. We ran for our lives making it off the trestle and getting some great pictures of the last steam locomotive to go up our coast.  Of course, it almost cost us our lives.  Young and dumb.  I have photos of the locomotive with the flattened quarters. :0)

The water was a bit cold for Jet, so he waited for his daughter to bring him the stick

Yoko, the dutiful daughter, swims for the stick and then gives it to Dad.

Yoko passes the stick to Jet, Jet passes the stick to Xena

Too cold for the old dogs to swim, but they enjoyed wading.

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