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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Journal two at the beach

Last night I took my chair across to a vacant beach site reserved.  People come up from LA and reserve an open site so they will be able to come on the weekend after work.  That's a bit extravagant paying $40 a night just to hold a site.  Think of all the starving people in the world.  Anyways, old Jet and I sat on their reserved site to watch the sun set.  I'm used to the sun setting almost in front of me, but I usually come to Jalama in the winter months for the solitude. Everyone thinks the beach is not the place to be in the winter here on the west coast.  That's good....let them keep thinking that. :0).  This evening the sun was setting towards Vandenberg Air Force base.  It looked so pretty setting next to the point of land jutting out to the sea.  A train followed the curvy canyon walls along the point.  It was a beautiful sight.  All of a sudden, a motorcycle zipped into the beach sight and pulled right up next to me and Jet.  He turned his not street legal bike off and took out his cell phone to take a photo of himself as the sun set.  "This one is for my baby," he said.  "I usually don't get home from work to enjoy this."  I grinned as we sat next to each other as the sun slipped beneath the waters.  The mysterious motorcycle man said, "I'm so glad I got to share this with you."  I smiled and off he went.  I enjoy moments like that.  A thirty something year old guy stops to share a sunset with sixty something me. :0)

Next to me a gull picks up a coke to see if there is any left for him.

The sunset was mighty fine.  It set almost on the point.


Karen said...

I'm glad the motorcycle moment turned into something memorable, I was thinking it might be going the other way:)

And I'm hoping that coke can was one that someone was planning on putting in the right spot, and hadn't just abandoned on the beach. People can be so disgusting some times.

Beautiful sunset:)

gvmama said...

Actually, two guys had set their coke can and alcoholic beverage on a picnic table while they played on the beach. The gull drank the alcohol first. :0)

Karen said...

LOL! Smart gull:)