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Monday, May 30, 2011

Journal one at the beach

Trouble , Jet, and Yoko accompanied me to the beach. My husband came up a day earlier with the big toy hauler. He couldn't locate a beach site, so I'm in the back row. I'll get over it. I have 8 kids in tents next to me and two older guys with 2 tents and 3 labish looking dogs on the other side.

I can still see the ocean through the trailer window, but it is not the same as being right on the beach. I have been coming here for almost 40 years. Dogs used to be free, there was no running water, no hot showers and the camp sights cost six dollars. Now the regular camp sites cost $25/night and the premium on the beach sites are $40. Dogs cost $3.00 per night.

Jet has been coming here since he was a pup. As soon as he saw us loading the trailer he started shaking. He was worrying that I might leave him behind. No worries my old friend. We have traveled an interesting road these last 11. years. You are a big part of my life. When I go to Washington in August, you won't be trailing, but you will be my best bud at my side. Don't you ever forget that!

I'd love a new BC pup to train for up and coming trials, BUT my older dogs deserve the very best in their twilight years. They have done us well in competition and as loving companions. They are first and foremost in my mind.

Wayne will be joining me later in the week with Xena and Kilt. That will be nice, but for mid week here with 3 dogs and my kindle loaded with good reading, I'm happy as a lark. Hiking, reading, watching the sunsets......I'm in Nirvana.

They stopped to pose about 1 1/2 miles from our camp site

Trouble is hoping to get a treat for this performance!

Squinting with the sand blowing in the wind

Yoko and trouble love to play

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Karen said...

Looks like a lot of fun!
I don't think I've ever heard of having to pay for a dog in a campsite. Motels and hotels, yes campsites, wow:( We usually only stay in 'government' campsites, so maybe some of the private ones do charge. And here too, the prices have gone way up over the years.