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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Journal three at the beach

Jet going up and down the stairs, up and down the stairs. That's one of his ways to let me know to stop reading and let's go do something!

Jet is an old dog now.  He is a bit of a PITA.  He never was, but he is Now.  He is very independent, doesn't listen very well in his old age, and is sooooo vocal now.  And, he is persistent at nudging me when there are things he wants to do.  He doesn't let up.  He doesn't let up until he gets his way.  But, when I look into his soulful eyes, I recall the last, almost, 11 years we have had together.  Who knows when either of our journey's will be up.  I smile at him and forgive him for being annoying.  I think back to the TV shows, the  David Letterman show, our trip to NewYork, sharing seats in business class and riding in limosines.  I recall what a fabulous agility dog he is along with being such a talented sheep dog.  I will not forget him accompanying me to radiation.  I remember burying my face in his soft fur crying myself to sleep many a night through my cancer regime.  He tolerated me. I will always put him number one and be there for him.  I will tolerate his old age with kindness and warm thoughts of our life together ... Right to the end...whomever goes first.

Jet walking his little buddy Trouble in the beach parking lot

And, when not walking someone else, he walks himself.

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