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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Yoko meets Sheepzilla(s)

Yoko is saying, "Okay girls.  Class is in session." 
Actually, Yoko is thinking these sheep must be ALIEN sheep from outer space, because they are so BIG.  Yoko got to help with moving the sheep around the pasture the day before the trial.  It was close to 90 degrees and humid.  Being a young dog, she was over exuberant and took several headers in the ruts and holes throughout the pasture.  I saw her do a double somersault at one point.  After several hours on the field, I thought she had subluxed a hip?  I wasn't sure what was going on.  Her back end was "unsteady."  Then, it dawned on me....might be heat exhaustion.  We have had weather in the 30's to 50's for the last month and now it was close to 90 and muggy.  I left Kilt out in the field and I leash walked Yoko back to the trailer and had my husband put her in the river.  Twenty minutes later Yoko was just fine.  Scary.  I have seen that one other time.  I had Jet trialing on the Olympic peninsula.  The temp was in the 90's. When he came off the trial field he was a bit wobbly in the rear.  Thankfully, another exhibitor noticed at the same time.  He exhausted the next run for me while I let Jet soak in a tub of water.   And, my dogs are FIT.  This shows you that you really need to be extra observant when working in the heat.  I think I'll invest in a few "cool coats" for this summer.  Anyone have any favorites?

Last year I ran Yoko on these sheep just as she turned 2 yrs. old.  She was in over her head.  This year I smartened up and offered to help with the sheep before the trial and help with the exhaust.  Yoko did a nice job exhausting for a couple of hours on Sunday.  At one point a single got away and wanted to go back to set out.  Yoko did a fabulous job of handling the single on her own.  She held her ground nose to nose and got in there and gave her hell when she needed to.  Good going Yokester.  Smart thinking Suzanne.  It was much nicer that I could be right there to assist her than asking her to be out on the trial field with these beasts by herself. :0)  Next year, hopefully, she will be ready with more experience and confidence in her tool box.

This always reminds me of my favorite saying.
"I'll do the best I can and when I know better, I will do better"

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Karen said...

Jake got heat exhaustion once. It didn't dawn on me until after...but he was so out of it that he stood there in a small tub, unrestrained, while I ran the hose over him. Normally he would have been terrified of the hose. I'm much more careful now.