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Monday, April 11, 2011

Porterville Action

Erin's Lark teaching a ewe a bit of respect. 

Kilt thinking, "Surely you jest, fatso!"

Stephanie's dog saying, "Take this!"  You know what...so it wasn't a clean bite on the nose.  It still showed some moxy and got the sheep's attention while turning the sheep towards the drive panel. 

This photo could have been seen 100 times throughout the trial :0)  The range ewes really were "dog stupid."  They were like, "What's up with this dog?  What are we supposed to do?  We want to go THIS way."

Stephanie at the post.  This sheep is trying to do some damage to her dog at the trailer.  The judge and scribe are on the trailer out of harm's way and up high enough to see what is going on.  If the sheep got past the trailer, you were disqualified.  The trailer wasn't far from the post.  Sometimes the sheep barely moved on the fetch; other times they ran the fetch.

I only entered Kilt.  These sheep are her cup of tea.  Unfortunately, sometimes things don't go the way you dreamed they would.  On day one Kilt had a lovely outrun and lift.  Fetch looked good......until Kilt did a somersault in a hole and spooked one of the ewes.  She ran away from the others and by the time I needed to take the many to the few, the many were out of bounds.  On day two, I think I was asleep at the wheel. Another gorgeous outrun and lift, one point off each, nice fetch, but I couldn't get Kilt to release the pressure missing the fetch panels.  I think 90% or more of the open dogs wouldn't release that pressure to be able to make the fetch panels.  When Kilt finally relaxed enough to release the pressure and listen to my Come Bye, she made this huge sweeping flank.  ahhhhh!  Suzanne, WAKE UP.  Too late, the sheep passed the judge's stand.  You're outta here.  Second DQ of the weekend.  What a crying shame.  But, that's trialing for ya.

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