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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Unfit and fat

No, NOT my dogs, silly,.....ME!  I am closing in on 180 lbs at 5'10" and feeling sluggish.  I'm not a "fad" dieter.  I need a sensible eating plan.  My goal is to get somewhere between 150 -155 lbs.  I'm not going to live on 600 calories a day nor am I going to ingest hormones or pills.  I'm going to understand nutrition and eat sensibly.  Hey, that shouldn't be too hard for a nurse.  In actuality, it is for a lot of us.  I keep giving myself rewards in the form of sugar.  This is my mindset. I think if I can through a 12 hour day at work at the hospital, I should reward myself.  If I work an extra shift, that most certainly deserves a reward.  The list goes on and on.

I have been working with a 9mm herniated cervical disc for the last 6 weeks now and wow, have I been rewarding myself with a ton of junk down my gullet.  I'm a pretty darn strong person and I've had large disc extrusions before in the past.  I have survived without surgery. This is the largest I have endured and the neurosurgeon doesn't think I will be able to maintain a smile on my face much longer without surgery.  We'll see.  I like a good challenge, though, 'pain' has a way of nagging at you day in and day out.

Secondly, my husband is a fairly new insulin dependent diabetic.  He knows nothing about eating correctly other than saying away from sugar.  Hey, that's a big step, but there is way more to understanding nutrition other than steering away from sugar.  It's time we both got on the nutrition band wagon.  I'm going to clean out the cupboards and the refrigerator today. No putting it off.

I was at my fighting weight 2 1/2 yrs. ago.  I had been eating sensibly for a long time.  My co-workers always comment on how healthy I eat.  But, then I got diagnosed with cancer.  This was my thinking....."Well, what's up with all the healthy eating and then getting diagnosed with cancer?  What a bunch of hogwash."  So, I went back to my old eating habits.  "Hey, if you're gonna croak, at least eat what you want."  My jeans are way too tight and I'm refusing the next size up.  So, back to cutting out sugar, bad carbs, bad fats, and trying to learn how to eat only the good carbs, fats, and proteins.

What eating plan did I choose you ask?  Even I need a plan!  I enrolled in the "Flatbelly Solution" plan.  Staying away from processed foods, certain fruit juices, limiting alcohol (that may need some will power), using healthy fats, not unhealthy fats, and incorporating lots more vegetables.  Getting rid of all those breads, muffins, chips, crackers....processed junk you buy.  The nice thing about this plan it tells you which foods increase insulin production, which foods burn fat, and which foods store fats.   I could use an education in this area.

Starting today, April 13th...good ol lucky number 13.  Hopefully, by June 13th I will seeing and feeling a  difference.  And since I'm being nice to myself.  I bought myself a chair back massager from Brookstone, so while I'm whittling away hours at the computer, I'm getting a deluxe massage.  :0)


Erin O said...

Recently tested severely allergic to dairy. Guess what? No more cheese and I eat vegan baked goods for lack of dairy. They often come gluten free, honestly they do the trick, but no so much that I am in love with them. Lost about 10lbs and counting. Veggies have taken my diet hostage and I don't eat out nearly as much. Sounds like you need a food allergy ;)

gvmama said...

oh yeah.....allergic to chocolate, ice cream, bread, Nachos hahaha Losing weight is so difficult (esp. when you are in pain) Food is a comfort.

Karen said...

Not many women would be brave enough to publish their weight....I always wonder why though. You look like what you look like, and knowing the number that goes with it doesn't make you suddenly look any heavier.

The white deaths...sugar and white flour...

I could do with a food allergy or three myself. I'm always picking at something, and not necessarily something healthy.

Sounds like you have a pretty good plan, let us know how it goes:)

gvmama said...

Weight, age...you are what you are :0)