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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Porterville continued

This is Erin and Lark at the post.  On day one, I saw that Kilt was having difficulty spotting her sheep.  I had Kilt hop up on the podium to look for her sheep set while I stayed down a step or two.  It worked.  The grass was deep and you needed binoculars if you wanted to see the dog going out to lift their sheep.  The handler is allowed to use binocs only if they have a letter from their doctor saying that they cannot see without them (so I'm told).  My husband said exhibitors were talking about me having Kilt get on the podium.  They wondered if it was okay in the rules.  I don't think there is a rule that says you can't.  And, why not?  Some people said their dogs wouldn't get up there.  Hey, I have agility dogs.  I said "hup" and stayed back out of her way.   By the way, Kilt's outrun was GORGEOUS.  On day two, I didn't bother having her get up on the stand.  She already knew where the sheep were being set.

Bryce Applegate looking through his binoculars.  I don't think he was watching the dogs and the sheep, though.   Anyway, it kept him occupied for awhile. :0)

Trouble and Bryce kept each other occupied for awhile.  Trouble loves kids.  They usually have "food."

Brian's handsome dog, Tucker came to watch.

Several red Border Collies were spectating and running.

Jet brought himself out to the exhibitor section to watch some of the runs.

Pups came to socialize and watch what they someday will be doing.

You had to stay awake.  It wasn't unusual for sheep to land in your lap while you were watching.  And, these were BIG ladies.  Wake-up!  Kilt put her sheep on day two into the crowd.  :0)  Kilt came up behind the tents on too wide a flank and slinked through the dogs and the people to get her sheep as only Kilt likes to do.  Thankfully, my incredible hulk husband was watching and he shoo'ed the sheep towards set-out.  Note:  Hey, Kilt...The exhibitors and tents were OUT OF BOUNDS.  Can you say DQ (disqualified).

Another "run for your life" moment.  It sometimes took people, dogs and the Kabota to round up these extra large ewes and get them back to the exhaust.

Tomorrow I'll post a few action photos just to show you how TOUGH these sheep can be.

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