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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Deer Creek (Porterville)

I took this photo of Deer Creek from my trailer window.  Hence, a few smudges since the window wasn't all that clean.  But, it sure gives you an idea as to why we like to trial here.  Besides the scenic VIEW, the people that put this trial on are the very BEST and the sheep are the TOUGHEST in the country.
This photo is a little over exposed, but ALL five of our dogs got to come to Deer Creek.  The weekend was not without a bit of drama, but all's well that ends well.  Tomorrow, I will relate the "drama."

Mother/daughter, Kilt and Yoko were most pleased with the creek.  Let the games begin.

The old dogs found relatively shallow places to get in a bit of action, too.

Mike Meredith in the distance cooling off.  Xena playing a bit of fetch.

This shows you how deep the grass was plus the terrain is full of holes and dips in the landscape.  To say it's a bit hazardous for the dogs would be an understatement. 

Having fun in Deer Creek.  Exhaust pens in the background.

Trouble staying up HIGH.  The grass was so deep she had to jump like a jumping bean to get from one place to another.  She prefers to watch from a look-out tower.

End of day one.  Sally and Yoko had too much Champagne to drink :0)


Karen said...

That creek looks like it's flooding.
And you had snow today? Yuk!

gvmama said...

Crazy weather, fer sure!