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Friday, April 8, 2011

How sheep arrive to a sheepdog trial

Here is the upper deck.  They came from Northern California

Here is the lower deck.  These particular sheep have not seen dogs before.

Can you see them peeking through the port holes?

Close up of a ewe wondering what's up.

Kilt calmly walking the sheep around the field allowing them to become acclimated to their new home for the next few days of the sheepdog trial.  They are allowed to wander and graze in the lush green grass.

Look!  A surprise lamb.

These sheep are very well taken care of.  Momma and lamb had their separate pen.  Of course, the sheep's Mom didn't particpate in the sheepdog trial. :0)

1 comment:

Karen said...

Well that might make for an interesting trial, with non dog experienced sheep:)
So is it hard to get the first sheep to start down the ramp, or did one volunteer, or...?
I can just see them all there staring, thinking "I'm not going, why don't you be first" "I'm not going either, someone else can be first." Well you know how sheep are...:)
Poor ewe that had to lamb in that crowd, but good that both seem to be fine.