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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Trouble earns "Honorary Sheepdog" status

Our motley five.  Trouble and Yoko hamming it up.

Xena tending sheep

Palomino is curious about Xena's "wagging' tail

He gives Xena a bit of a hard nudge

The neighbor was feeding her cows carrots.  Xena begged for a carrot.

Xena loves raw carrots

The sheep sometimes follow Xena

I went to take a photo of the sheep following Xena and forgot that Trouble (JRT) was loose.  She ran in and bit the lead sheep on the nose as I was taking this photo.  I think she was protecting her buddy, Xena.

Trouble achieves "Honorary Sheepdog" status from the Border Collie girls!


Karen said...

You have such a great group of dogs!
Calli pulls her own carrots up:)
We had a black lab that could have been trained as a sheepdog, she had more drive and instinct than Jake.

gvmama said...

Xena would love for me have a carrot patch! I have to keep them away from the cherry trees. The pits are not good for them :0(
For a demure, laid back Jack, you have to keep your eye on Trouble.