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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Don't read if.....

Okay,  one of my girlfriends sent this to me this morning and I laughed out loud.  Sound familiar?
I felt like I was going through a "dejavu" later in the day.  I was trying to book a couple of shore excursions  for my girlfriend and myself.  Our cruise is next week.  Their website was most definitely NOT user friendly. 
I decided after an hour of trying to book the excursions we wanted on-line to call the travel "professional" that we booked the cruise with.  The gentleman on the other end had an Indian accent so strong that I never figured out what his name was.  I almost got the giggles on the phone after hearing the above phone tap this morning.  If I wasn't so PO'ed, I would have laughed out loud.
The travel "professional"  (that's how it is listed on the booking summary)...no kidding, tried to go into the website to see if he could book the shore excursions.  After almost 10 minutes of mumbo jumbo I asked where (what state) I was calling.  He said, "Orlando, Florida.'  I told him my telephone call to Florida was going to cost me more than the shore excursion and couldn't he just sign us up over the telephone.  "Oh No...we can't do that...it goes against policy."  So I ask for a 1-800 number or at least to speak to IT.    He tells me that this cruise line doesn't have an IT department.  Ahhhhh.  Website, no IT? I finally find a number for Electronic Solutions which is "Carnival's" IT department.  She (Sylvia) says their web site is NOT working.  Uh  Duh.  I ask if she could possibly take down our requests, because this was my girlfriend's first cruise, etc.  I ask in the sweetest voice I can muster up.  "You don't seem to understand Mam, our web site is down.  You will have to wait until you get on the ship."  Of course, by then, we won't get the excursion we would like to go on.  I ask if I can just have her take a verbal reservation.  "No, we don't have the means to do that," she says.  Now, I'm getting a bit irritated.  I tell her..."You are talking to me.  Isn't that verbal?"  Well, I was getting nowhere so I told them what I thought of their EASE of being properly prepared for the cruise of a lifetime.  Okay, maybe not of a lifetime, but I like to be organized.  I call another 1-800 number. This time I get a delightful young man who really is trying to be as helpful as he can.  He tries the website and agrees with me that it is totally messed up.  I tell him about my experiences with the Indian travel 'professional' and he is laughing harder than I am now.  I tell him about calling E-Solutions.  He thought just like I did...okay, let's call Catalina and book the excursion on our own.  To hell with Carnival.  He gets me the number on the island and I thank him. I call Catalina Ocean Rafting and tell them my story.  "I can book you, but all passengers on the cruise ship get first dibs.  I have a contract with them."  Ahhhhhhhh.  Uncle.  I GIVE UP.  What will be, will be.  I have a head-ache.

HAPPY EASTER out there in Cyberland.  Here's hoping all your eggs will be GOOD ones. :0)

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Karen said...

The video was funny, but the accents were easily understood for me. If we call a call center here, we are usually calling India, and sometimes the accents are just too much, and I am constantly having to ask them to repeat whatever they just said. I think I should ask them to slow down as well. Which is actually the same as talking to a young employee anywhere, the speed that they reel off their blurb. The joys of getting older:(