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Monday, April 25, 2011

Crusing this week (Catalina and Ensenada)

Girl friend time this week.  All dogs makes a girl rather dull. :0)  So, I thought I would re-post a few of my favorite videos while I am on a short cruise this week.   
This is Jet last year at the Paso Robles fairground trial.  It is an invitational trial.   Have a few sips of coffee because it takes almost 90 seconds for them to get the sheep set. They kept running back to the set-out.   Push the right lower hand arrows of the video to put it in full screen.  Better lighting that way. Jet is such a nice dog.  He is my first "trial" dog and I have done all of his training by myself.  That is what makes him so special to me. 
There are birds chirping in the rafters.  I think their whistles probably sound better than mine. :0)  Everyone was having difficulty getting the shed.  I believe Jet was one of the first dogs to get the shed.  There is no having to say anything to Jet at the pen.  He has the sheep dialed in.  I just need to slow him down a bit. I think we ended up 4th in the finals 
Jet is my soul-mate.  I hope his daughter, Yoko, will be more like her Dad in a couple of more years. :0)  I think there is a possibility. 

P.S.  It wasn't his last trial.  That was my girlfriend's first time watching and filming.  I think she must have got caught up in the moment.  Thanks Connie for filming him!

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Karen said...

I remember watching that before, but enjoyable to watch again. Good boy Jet!