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Saturday, April 23, 2011


After a weekend of work at the hospital, I'm off Mon-Fri. with a dear friend for a short Catalina/Ensenada cruise.  I have taken this cruise with my husband.  We had lots of fun.  My girlfriend has never been on a cruise, so this will be especially fun.  Of course, I work both weekends to be able to go and miss a big trial, too :0(...but heck, I think I'm okay with it. :0)

Catalina Island.  It is a crowded, but very quaint little Island.

Mary and I usually go to Catalina Island each year for a couple of days.  Catalina Island is getting so expensive, I think it was well worth our while to pay for a short cruise to visit for the island for a day.  By the time we drive to the port, pay for the boat over, get a hotel for a night, pay for the boat back, etc. I think we are going to be dollars ahead cruising. We know we will probably have more fun. We like to stroll through the shops, watch the yachts pull in, and dine at seaside.  Plus, regardless of how old we may be, we always go for a Pina Colada or Mai Tai at Luau Larrys.  haha

We like to sit out on the pier and watch the yachts/boats roll in.

Mary, last year at Catalina.  We met years ago at work (We both are RNs)

After Catalina we cruise to Ensenada.  I don't have anything particularly exciting to say about Ensenada except there are some pretty views in Mexico.  Last time I was there I went horse back riding.  I think I can talk Mary into that if they offer it again.  Tequilla shots and an unsurpassd view riding horses on the cliffs above the ocean.  Yee ha.  Forget my neck, forget her knees...the tequilla will take care of it.  What about my diet, you ask?  On hold till next week.  A girl's gotta have some FUN!

Ensenada - The Jewel of Baja's Pacific Coast

"The distant call of a cruising seagull is softly overtaken by the sound of rolling waves that wash up onto the shore, leaving behind a carpet of silky, white foam. The warm sun invites you to take another sip of the cold, refreshing beverage at your side as you are lightly massaged by a gentle, ocean breeze. Vendors pass beneath thickly nestled palm trees, and politely offer you their best bargains of the day. Later in the afternoon, a gourmet meal at the resort completes your relaxing visit to a sunny, foreign beach."

I love that description.  More like a noisy, crowded Mexican town with lots of muttley dogs and vendors pushing Viagra and Vicodin.  hahaha  Trust me...we will have a GOOD TIME.  Wallets safely tucked inside our clothes.
                                             More pics to follow after our adventure next week. :0)

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Karen said...

Sounds like a fun time!
Wayne had his little break, and now it's your turn. Enjoy it:)