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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I have a diiiii-lemma

What trials should I go to?  That's my dilemma.  Plus, the cost of gas!  Yike's that's a huge dilemma.   Most trials here in So. Cal. are at least a 2-5 hr. drive, and far and few between.  I have to pick my trials carefully.  My truck is coming up on 140,000 miles....another dilemma.  Especially, if pulling my trailer.  My truck is only a half ton.  That makes my trailer weave a bit over 60mph.  I need a stiffer rear end suspension so I'm told. I could use my husbands diesel, but it is longer than the trailer.  I'm used to shorter a turning radius.  I don't like his truck, but it can pull anything.  That's for sure.  Dilemmas.
Trying to pick which trials to make a long haul to is another dilemma.  Since, I still work, I have to arrange (submit) months in advance my travel plans.  Sometimes, after I have already made arrangements, a trial pops up out of thin air.  I'm like...Hey, I didn't see that one!  This is a good sport if you're retired and have a lot of money.  haha
March 1st is the date for a good many trials to get your entries in.  I'm thinking about attending Sonoma again.  It is such a fun trial.  I have a camping reservation, but you have to unhook and get to the trial field early to get a decent parking spot.  Last year it was so cold in the morning, my toes almost froze off with hot packs in every pocket.  Though, it warmed up quickly.  Both the fields are tricky.  I like that.  Wayne could go, but I'm not sure he would like to drive 7 hours there and back for the weekend and haul all 5 of our dogs.  That's getting up early and lots of dog walking.  I don't think I can do that to him. :0)  Sure hate to miss their raffle, though.
I have decided to go to Colorado in May.  I tried to find a traveling companion to help with expenses, but hit a dead end.  Since there are 3 trials in 11 days, that's the best bang for the buck.  First drive is 12 hours, 2nd trial drive is 5 hours and the 3rd is less than an hour.  Just a miserably long drive home.  Durango, Colorado Springs, and Castle Rock.  Not sure whether I pull my trailer or just sleep in my truck and get a hotel room now and then.  I'll get my entries in today and then worry about the rest as it gets closer.
I have already decided to go to Washington this summer in August for the Island Crossing and Lacamas.  I missed Lacamas last year.  I like driving to Washington.  I've done it so many times, it's like putting my truck on auto pilot!  Plus, I friends and family there.  Unfortunately, I can't take as much time off of work as I would like to. 
That's about it.  I have a few March trials coming up.  One that I am just going to do set out possibly, another that I am just trialing Yoko on a Friday (have to work the weekend, so no trialing for Kilt) and another that the whole family can go to. 


Karen said...

That is a lot of driving!
What is the price of a run in a herding trial?
Agility runs are expensive enough, but at least with us, there are plenty within less than an hours drive away.

gvmama said...

Expensive...usually $45 to $60 for an open run. About $35-45 for a pro-novice run.

WalkOn Border Collies said...

yes I totally understand your dilemma; I am in same boat more or less. Now that I am retired I have the time to go anywhere but not the same $$. And if the gas prices continue to go crazy this year I will be dead. It is even worse up here in Canada as some of the trials in AB/SK have $60 entry for Open!
Another reason you should move to the PNW: we would hitch up to travel!! LOL

gvmama said...

That's been my plan for over 15 years...just not my husband's!!!!