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Monday, February 28, 2011

Call my BLUFF

Terry just got about 40 goats (Boer tricksters).  I am one of the few that love goats.  My dogs love goats, too.  Jet is the goat finesser.  One would think it would just take teeth to move goats, but exactly the opposite (most of the time).  Goats are BLUFFERS.  They will call your dog's bluff.  They are fabulous to teach a dog to walk "steady" nose to nose and not grip unless asked.  This is a good exercise for my girls.

Yoko walking in on the goats.  They are already testing her.  Yoko is the queen of "bluffers."  She doesn't have a whole lot of confidence, but she can bluff her way through most confrontations.  I am teaching her to walk head to head and give a nose nip instead of trying to get around to the back of the goats and heel them.  I know she can heel.  She is 3 yrs. old now.  Time to learn to walk up nose to nose. 

The above is a poor movie of GOAT GIRL (I'm holding the camera and walking) kind of like patting your head and rubbing your tummy at the same time.  But, it gives you an idea that goats aren't the best of "flockers."One might say they are little f***er's.  LOL  I call them little tricksters.  You can see that don't like Yo biting their heels and they will get a move on.  Sometimes they will have a stand-off  if the dog just stops and stares at them.  If the dog nips their nose they may still stand there and laugh at the dog.  Yoko knows they will move with a heel bite.  That's her "Bluff."  She uses it for other types of stock,too.  Sometimes it works and other times it splits everyone every which way.  But, at least she TRIES something to move her stock.  She doesn't just stand there.  I don't discourage her.  I praise her for trying something. 

Kilt having a bit of a game-on. "Here's looking at you. I double dare you!"  Kilt is my nose nipper.  Yoko is my heeler.  Jet can do both equally as well, but needs a bit more encouragement than the girls.
Goats fetch well (most of the time).  They like to stay with the handler.  They are difficult to drive.  Two may go one way and two will go another way.  They will keep your dog on their toes or frustrate the heck out of them.  Kilt has a bit of difficulty with them because of her square flanks which are almost "off contact" with the goats.  I call Yoko "GOAT GIRL."  She can handle what her mother doesn't.  Funny, huh?  Each dog has certain things they do better than the other.  They are so "individualistic."

Jet holding his ground.  If you finesse them, they will turn.  If you dog shows weakness, the goats will walk over him.  It's all about calling their BLUFF.  Jet only had to do one or two nose nips to make true believers out of them.  And, goats do have feelings.  If your dog nips a side, they will cry.  Bad dog to do that.  They will tolerate a heel nip or a nose nip.  I see we are going to have some fun while the goats are here!


Karen said...

Those goats are cute:)
Larry can't get past seeing them jump up and bounce around on the hood of his cousin's brand new car, so no goats for us.

gvmama said...

I lOVE goats, but they will eat all the things you don't want them to eat and yeah, they like to climb!