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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Here Piggy, Piggy, Piggy

After we work sheep, we pass by Terry's kennel and the pig sty.  My "girls" like to stop by and give the piggies some kisses.  LOL  Yoko sounds like Godzilla.  Kilt is stealth-like quiet.  Honest, I think the pigs look forward to them coming by to say hi.  You can see it doesn't upset them.  Actually, the black one gets up and comes to the fence for his nose "pecks."  My girls probably break up their otherwise monotonous day.  I would not make a good rancher.  I could not eat the pigs.  I know how smart they are.  All they are looking for is some interaction when I pass by with the Border Collies.


Karen said...

'Babe' comes to mind:)

Anonymous said...

I would make a horrible pig farmer, pigs are smart and awesome.

gvmama said...

They are AWESOME!