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Friday, March 4, 2011

Cowdog Yoko

I worked up the nerve to finally put the girls on cattle.  Kilt almost gave me a heart attack.  She was too REACTIONARY.  She was either going to get herself killed or get me killed.  Then came Yoko's turn.  I should have known...Cool Hand Luke AKA Yoko.  Yoko was calm, cool, and collected.  I was a little nervous about letting her go to head and kept a watchful eye on her. I did let her go to heel a couple of times and she has a ground level heel bite....in and out like lightning.  But, I already knew that. :0)  I'm just too much of a sissy worrying about her getting hurt.  Yoko has always had a passion for cows.  Everytime she sees them out of the car window, she whines and goes crazy.  She doesn't do that for sheep.  You're in the wrong home, but good girl Yo.  I had a man in Oklahoma that wanted me to guarantee her as a cow dog as a puppy.  Since, I don't work cows, I told him to look elsewhere for a pup.  Who'd a thunk?    

Yoko working the 6 Angus through a chute

Yoko going to head (the blur)...getting one back in line with the others!


Karen said...

Maybe you need to add a few steers to your place. I hear they make good eating:)

gvmama said...

I'm not a good rancher. I buy my meat in the market. It ain't gonna change at my age :0) A few steer would be here until they died of old age.

Karen said...

Your comment applies to me. Change steer to sheep and you've got our place.