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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Morning beach shots

The moon is still out in this morning photo.

It really depended on which direction I was standing whether I got a pink glow or an orange glow.
All of thses A.M. pictures were taken with a pocket digital camera.

This is the tributary that flows from the mountains to the sea.

Vandenberg Airforce base in the background.  It always reminds me of a fairy tale...like a castle in the distance.  There was a light fog clinging to the coast line.  So pretty.

And, of course, there is NO sleeping in when you own 3 Border Collies.  They are up at the "crack" of dawn every morning.  They make sure you are getting up with them, too!  This is their usual pose.  Jet minding his own business, Kilt stalking Jet, and Yoko stalking Kilt.  As long as I know where Jet is, I know where the other two are. :0)


Karen said...

Does anyone surf there, it looks like there are some pretty good waves?

gvmama said...

HUGE surfing area....known as Tarantula point.
Also, lots of Great Whites :0(