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Friday, January 28, 2011

Jalama beach in January

I take a lot of kidding for going to the beach in the winter.  I'm having the last laugh.  We had 5 glorious days at about 65 degrees, without a cloud in the sky nor a breath of wind.  It was fabulous.
My grandson and his girlfriend, Jenee,left early to get us a prime beach spot for the trailer.  We were bringing all 5 dogs in our toyhauler pulling it with the diesel.  All in all we are just shy of 50 feet long.   He and his girlfriend were turned away at the Jalama Road entrance due to the rocket launching of the Delta IV at Vandenberg airforce base which is right next to Jalama Beach (which is next to Lompoc, CA.)

Dustin and Jenee watched the rocket launch.  They could see the rocket.  How cool!

Wayne and I were about an hour away from Jalama, but we could watch the vapor trail in the sky.  We kept in contact with the kids by cell phone.  I was reading on the internet all about the rocket.  Very fun.

The drive in is about 25 min. from the main road.  Those already camping there had to evacuate for the launch.  As soon as Vandenberg gave the "coast is clear" they let campers back in to Jalama.  Dustin was the first one in and got us a very special spot right on the beach.

A few mule deer on the way into the beach.  I actually spotted several large ferrel pigs, but I didn't get a chance to take photos since we were pulling the trailer and there were people behind us.

My what BIG ears you have!

Our camping spot......purrfect!

Pictured looking out the back of the toyhauler.  I was going to sell the toyhauler, because we are starting to look like trailer trash on our homefront (1 old RV, the toyhauler, and my 16 foot trailer). but we have decided against it.  We get so much use out of it.  It is the perfect beach mobile.  Plus, it's the only vehicle that can fit us, 5 dogs, the kids, and friends.  It has 3 queen beds and a full bed.  Two of the queens are electric and rise to the top of the ceiling at a touch of a button.   Wayne hauls it with his extra cab diesel and I bet we took over 1/4 of a cord of wood with us.  We had some fantastic night time camp fires.  And, I love the openess when we drop down the back.

The Anaya 5 looking pretty pleased about being at the beach.

The kids at sunset

Notice how crowded it is.  :0)

If you gave me the choice of going to a stockdog trial, or going to a foreign country, or going to Jalama beach, Jalama beach would WIN hands down.  It truly is the most amazing place.  We can walk for miles and miles and maybe only run into a few surfers and fishermen.  It's the greatest dog beach around.  I have been going there since the early 70's.  I'm pleased to announce that the only improvements have been hot showers, real bathrooms, and running water.  Not much else has changed, other than price of the camp spots.  Oh, there has been one change...the Jalama Burger now has it's own "trademark." :0)  You haven't had a "burger" until you have had a Jalama burger.  I have been there when an army helicopter landed on the other side of the tributary as a dozen military men climbed out of it in their camos just for a Jalama Burger!


Karen said...

It all sounds wonderful to me! I'd certainly be happy to be there at this time of year:)

WalkOn Border Collies said...

Great pix! Sounds like a fabulous spot! Glad you had a great trip for your Bday.
You should come to the Metchosin SDT on Vanc. Island some time; Juan de Fuca Strait beach is a 5 min. walk from the handler parking area. AND the concession serves up their famous lamb burgers with homemade mint chutney! ;-)