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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Gone Fishin'

Wayne kicking back with Jet in the morning having his coffee

I was out for an early hike with the "girls" (Kilt and Yoko) and ran across this Japanese fisherman who was just too happy to show me his recent catch, a Buttermouth Perch.

Once I told Wayne, he packed up his fishing gear and started down the beach

The old dogs (Jet, Xena, and Trouble) mosied on down the beach following a few surfers.  All, except, Trouble who kept an eye on me (in case I might have brought a cookie for her)

Silhouette of Wayne fishing.  What a gorgeous day

Xena hung out with Wayne while he fished and Kilt played in the surf and ran in circles around him.

Xena, what a fine looking lab she is at 12 yrs. of age.  If she had been 1 1/2 inches taller, I don't think any lab could have beat her at Westminster!  That bump in her tail is FUR, which I had time to brush out later.  Xena has the thickest undercoat ever which means she NEVER stops shedding.  Ugh!

Kilt and Xena get a chance to smell a fish.  Ohhhh, are we getting that for dinner?  Don't think so girls!


Karen said...

Xena does look great, and I know what you mean about that Lab hair. Although, when I think about it, I'm not sweeping the Calli hair out of the basement like I used to. Maybe the raw diet has made a difference?

Karen said...

PS Glad I could help out with the 'canes':)