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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Long overdue

That would be an understatement!  Kilt was too much dog for me as my 2nd dog and got away with MURDER.  So, now I have this fantastic ranch dog who is quite the independent thinker.  Nice for ranch work, but NOT so nice for trialing.  She is doing much better on her driving.  She is actually walking her sheep.  But, our fetch is a DISASTER.  How do you fix a disaster after letting her get away with it for 4 years?  haha
Kilt has a good deal of eye, so outrunning wasn't her ASSET.  I just thought they all came like Jet with the perfect outrun in place.  Since I wasn't sure how to FIX what was wrong with Kilt's outruns and fetches, she did as she pleased for years.  Now that we are in the open division, I'm trying to fix the last 4 years of her blowing me off.  Easier said than done!
At least, I'm AWARE.  I give myself credit in that department.  Kilt is the type of dog that has to be VERY deep on her lift.  Her sheep know she is coming on her outrun.  They watch her.  In practice, I don't mind if she is too wide and too deep, because I know she won't be at a trial.  New sheep at a trial will have Kilt's antennae up and ready to take control.
Today, I have started WALKING our fetch.  Kilt is sure I have gone nuts.  As soon as she starts into the "zone" of bringing them too quickly, I run up the field and bust through the sheep insisting she walk them to me.  Kilt has NO quit in her.  So, I really have to make her give ground every time I run through the sheep at her.  I'm hoping I can put some new patterns into place.   I just need to be CONSISTENT. 
Maybe it will all come together by the time she is a veteran.  And, if I ever get another Border Collie to train, I'll have a good foundation in place.  I might even know what I'm doing.  :0)

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