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Sunday, January 23, 2011

I CRAP bigger than that....

Sometimes the yahoo group Sheepdog-L just IRKS me.  The othe day was one of those days.  Someone tried to compare entering an agility trial to a sheepdog trial talking about confirmation of entries.  This was the start of someone's reply that was printed on the Sheepdog-L list.

"Pfft! Oh pul-ease comparing us with agility??? Are you kidding me??? We don't let our dogs bark their fool heads off, pull on the end of their leash, exhibit aggression, breed for appearance, or breed runts to meet a height restriction either. Nor do we conspire with the AKC, or award meaningless titles so everybody can feel good about themselves"

I am so SICK of the agility comments on Sheepdog-L.  A sport is a sport is a sport.  Sheepherding and agility are different sports.  Why do they have to bash agility?  I believe it is a lack of knowledge.  Like clueless.  Below was my reply which was moderated (NOT posted).

"Compare us to agility? I don't think so. My agility competitor husband will tell you this.....
No, USBCHA sheepdog people, for the most part, just let their dogs crap anywhere they would like (usually right outside someone's trailer door), pee on other people's tires, generators, etc.
I can guarantee that isn't happening at an agility trial."

I'll tell you why it was "moderated," because it is a FACT.  It's nice to go to wide open spaces sheepdog trials (USBCHA) so you don't have to step in dog-doo.  If it's a small area and the trailers have to be close to each other by the end of a two or three day trial every other step is in dog poop.  Honest to God...how hard is it to keep some bags in your pocket and pick up your own dog's poop?  Sheepdog  people remind me of the movie, 'City Slickers,' where Jack Palance says to Billy Crystal, "I CRAP bigger than that."

Personally, I think it is pretty impolite.  I don't care if your dog poops out in an open field and you don't pick it up, but sheepdog people should be able to keep a watch on their dogs around everyone's trailers and trucks.  Come on...I don't want to step in your dog's crap as I walk out of my trailer and I'm tired of hosing down my truck's tires with your dog's pee on them.  Really!  I recently recalled a pissed look I received when I shooed a lady's dog away from my trailer who was peeing on my tires.   Hellllo?

Please don't try to compare one sport with another.  Some sheepdog people think their shit doesn't stink.  It stinks on my the bottom of my boots!

Thanks for listening.  I feel soooo much better now :0)


Kathy said...

I so agree with you. We bring bags with us to trials and try to keep everything picked up after our dogs, even if it means walking out there with a flash light to "hunt" it down.

I, too, am so tired of having to jump around dog crap and having other people's dogs come and lift their leg on my trailer. I certainly don't let me male dogs do that, so why should they?! And then if you shoo their dog away they give you a dirty look, give me a break.

And don't feel bad about being moderated on Sheepdog-L, it happens to me all the time. I keep being told to send things privately.

There, I got that off of my chest too. :^)

Monique said...

True words. Also, at agility trials I do not get mobbed in my tent by loose dogs who belong to other people.

And yes, some of us who do sheepdog trials tent camp in summer because we can not afford a trailer. (In winter I camp in my minivan)

I did not enjoy people letting their dogs pee ON my tent the first time I tried this (as a novice know-nothing). From now on I set up ex-pen around my tent. Not to keep my dogs in, but to keep my house from being urinated upon.

Karen said...

Somewhat related to your post...
It drives me crazy when people just let their dogs pee on anything.
How hard is it to take your dog to a place where the urine can drain away. I'm talking about times when they are on a leash, but actually at all times you are responsible for where your dog eliminates. Just yesterday at the agility fun match, there was someone just 15 or 20 feet away from the door, letting her dog pee on the building. When I was first starting agility I saw a judge take his dog out and let it do the same thing.
And to add to that, I was once at a track meet and saw all these guys peeing behind a building before they competed in their event. You know, a little planning ahead so that you or your dog has time to pee in the appropriate place.....

I've never known what to say to the people letting their dogs pee on a building or any other inappropriate spot. I did think of something though, as I was typing this comment. How about 'do you let your dogs do that on the side of your house?'
Maybe those type of people would say yes:(

Erin O said...

I too have experiencing my tent being peed on, being mobbed by dogs that aren't mine and dealing with unclaimed poo.

It really irks me when folks let their dogs run and then don't supervise them. Especially when they let their dog try to interact with my dog with out asking first. No he doesn't need new friends and he is not here to play and be social.