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Monday, January 31, 2011


Sometimes, you just know, in your heart, that there will never be another dog like Jet. 

Jet has a soft quality about him.  He wouldn't harm a flea.  He loves everybody.

Even pictured going on 11 yrs. of age, he ALWAYS gives 110%

He is full of life and loves to run.

He takes time to play with his daughter, Yoko.

He still is the CHAMPION of the "rings"

Sheepherding, agility, trick training...you name it, he will give you UNDIVIDED attention.

He still loves to do a bit of frisbee.  The sand feels good on his arthritic toes.

And, there is nothing like a good swim in the ocean.

Especially, if there is a "stick" as the prize.

Jet has the most soulful eyes...an old soul, for sure.

Jet is the best friend a gal like me could ever have.


Karen said...

What a nice tribute to a great dog:)

Anonymous said...

Very nice.