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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Here Comes Trouble

Here Comes Trouble

Trouble usually has something to say.  Trouble is a Cedar Hollow JRT.  A "puddin" jack.  She weighs about 10-11 lbs.  She is a little longer than she should be.  I was fond of the Cedar Hollow JRTS (Oregon) that I watched in agility.  I went to their web site and saw a photo of Trouble.  She was the last pup left in a litter that was still available.  SOLD.  When Wayne and I went to LAX to pick her up at the airport, we both looked at each other and said, "We paid $$$ for THAT?"  LOL, she looked just like a teeny, little, shaking rat.  In the matter of 24 hrs. she could already speak on command, sit up and beg, and do a few other odd behaviors.  She does have her Master agility title, but she wasn't really into it if you know what I mean. :0)
Plus, she has some cervical calcifications and an extra rib on one side, so from time to time she gets a bit out of kilter.  She does well with accupuncture.  We thought it best to end her agility career.  She is now the mascot and runs the place.  She loves to accompany me to the sheepdog trials.

Swimming or even getting her feet wet is NOT an option.

This is what Trouble does best....sun herself.  She is always cold.

When the weather is cool, Trouble dresses for the occasion.

Sun Goddess Troubie

Wayne said late at night while getting ready for bed, "Trouble looks like her belly is sunburned."
I showed him the photos of Trouble sunbathing :0)

As the Jalama beach sun sets, we begin the campfire

Every night we had a roaring campfire and dessert, of course, toasted marshmellows.

While having dinner, someone asked, "What's that?"

What could it be?

Who else?  It's Trouble peering out from the back of the toy hauler after unzipping the canvas (Trouble can unzip anything).  She was wondering if she was going to be invited to dinner. :0)

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Karen said...

Cute Trouble:) You'll have to apply some sunscreen to that belly!