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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cavalia critique

We had the expensive "rendezvous" seating which included appetizers, drinks, etc. before, during, and after the show.  We needn't have gone to dinner, because they had enough food there for a full course meal.  They kept the champagne flowing and the staff was very courteous.  My husband (who normally takes lousy photos) took the photo above of me.  Great picture, Wayne :0)
The show itself I gave about an 8 out of a possible 10.  I'm not a huge arial (acrobatic) fan, but I'm a horse nut.  I have shown and trained almost every type of horse imaginable.  That makes me a pretty good "critic" when it comes to horses.  The set and the lighting were AMAZING.  They used all stallions and geldings, no mares.
They did quite a bit of trick riding and roman riding.  I didn't do trick riding as a youngster, but I did my share of roman riding and teaching gymnastics on horseback.  It was all good, but some seemed to be a bit of a "filler" if you catch my drift. 
The best parts were when the horses were FREE to be without any riders.  In fact, in the opening act were two colts who ran across the stage frolicking, nipping at each other and doing small rear-ups.  There were stuffed horses set all across the stage.  One of the colts ran over and grabbed a large stuffed horse and ran the full length of the stage with it in his mouth with his friend chasing him.  That was truly my most favorite part of the evening.
Another large part of the act which was quite impressive was when one of the trainers came out with about 15 stallions and had them running in circles, changing directions, some lying down on command, some bowing, etc.  The scenery backdrops were spectacular. 
Did we enjoy the show?  Absolutely.  Did I get in trouble for taking photos when I wasn't supposed to?  Yes.  We visited the stables after the show.  The horses were beat.  I imagine it is quite hard on them traveling from city to city.  I'm not sure how long they will be in Burbank, but they are stabled in portable stalls covered by a tent right off the 5 freeway and next to the train track.  Not a very restful place for them. 
If you have a chance it is well worth going to see if you like Cirque d'soliel and horses. :0)

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