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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happpy Birthday to me and Yoko

"I want you to know that I'm especially grateful that you have been in my life since June 4, 1974....I love you dear friend.  Happy New Year!"
I am so lucky in that I have some of the greatest friends, girlfriends and boyfriends, that have been connected to my life for many decades.  I received this note a few weeks back from  a very close friend who lives in Florida.  Me thinks :0), she will never get dementia since she remembers the DAY that we met!  We met, because of the dogs.  Imagine that!  We both had Australian Shepherds way back then.

Pictured, Carolyn, me, and Jeanne at the Soldier Hollow sheepdog trial in Utah.  Carolyn and I have been best friends since 1950 (birthdate..we were born a month apart) in New York. Our parents were best friends.  We grew up showing horses together in California.  Carolyn eventually moved back to New York.

Me and Carolyn

Jeanne and I have been friends since the 70's where we both ran a large equestrian tack store in Burbank, CA.  We had a double wedding in 1984 in Las Vegas.  Not too many double wedddings that you hear about.  And, ours had some stories.  LOL  That's another blog in itself.  I should ask Jeanne to blog that one.  She tells it alot funnier. :0)

Jeanne waving, just before we crashed this jet ski in Cancun, where we were attending a critical care seminar.  We were lucky to get out of Mexico....one of several trips there together.

So to ALL of my oldest, dearest friends, THANK-YOU for being in my life.  And, to my new friendships, glad to meet you.

Plus, I have to thank my big brother for his thoughtfulness and sentimentality on my birthday.  As you know if you have followed my posts, my father has dementia.  He "used" to always send us $1.00 per birthday.  It was a family tradition.  On my 21st birthday I received $21.00.  We all enjoyed the tradition.  Today I received a birthday card with $61.00 in it from my father.  He wrote a small message and signed the card.  I cried.  Thank-you, my dear brother!

And, lastly, but not leastly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the Jet/Kilt pups who are 3 yrs. old today!
Yoko and I share the same birthday. :0)


Karen said...

Sweet post:)
A very Happy Birthday to you and Yoko!!!

Erin O said...

Happy Birthday Suz, Yo and Mo.