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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Task farms MOLLY

Molly resides at Task Farms as their guardian dog over about 80 head of sheep.  Some people feel sorry for the life of the guardian dog.  They are out in the weather 24/7.  They tend to look muddy and unkept. I think a bit differently.  Imagine being able to roam free, do what you were bred to do, and have someone feed and care for you all at the same time.  I think that is a pretty meaningful existence.  Molly likes to bask in the sun and watch me work my dogs in the field.  She stays out of the way.  Sometimes she likes to tease Kilt.  Lord have mercy...who would want to do that?  But, Molly jumps around and rolls over and wags her tail at Kilt with a twinkle in her eye.  Kilt raises her lip clear over her nostrils.  Though, when Kilt is working sheep, she will work them in and around Molly ignoring Molly completely. Molly watches over the new mothers lambing  She is right there to help with the cleaning of the lamb and the afterbirth.  The new moms allow her to be there.  Molly roams free to all of the neighboring ranches.  She watches over the ranching neighborhood.  Molly is a pretty cool dog.

Molly standing guard.  She sees something in the distance.

Molly looking stoic.  She is a great guardian dog.

Molly watching over her flock.

Sheep actually running to Molly in this picture.

Molly in a gleeful moment.  She has lots of those!

"Look Suzanne, Look Kilt, See how cute I am?"

                                   Molly watching the 5 sheep I just finished working.

Don't think she's NOT agile!

Molly having a good stretch

Isn't she majestic! 


Emma Rose said...

I agree, she's wonderful :)

Erin O said...

Nothing better than a good dog doing their job!