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Thursday, January 20, 2011

And, my birthday continues.....

Gone to Jalama beach for 5 days.  Here's hoping for little wind and no rain :0)  Above, moi, pictured with my grandson, Dustin.  Dustin will be coming up to Jalama for a few days, so we can get some SERIOUS hiking in on the beach.  We can walk for 5 miles, sometimes seeing no one at all.  It is a dog friendly beach.  All of our dogs are going.   Plus, the whales should be on their way down to Baja.  I'll be sure to take the binoculars and my camera.

I probably should get Wayne a fishing license today, so he can surf fish in the ocean while Dustin and I walk and talk, take photos, and watch the younger BCs (Kilt and Yoko) frolic in the sea.  The older dogs can do some short hikes with Wayne.  Dustin and I hike too far for the older ones.  They would never complain, but they would wake up stiff the next morning!  I have to monitor their pads, because the amount of running like maniacs on the beach wears their pads down.
I can't even express the amount of love I have for my grandson.  He is the greatest kid  EVER.   I so remember when he went with me for one of my chemo sessions.  Instead of fear, he had me laughing until I was crying.  He is brilliant, kind, loving, and just so much fun to be around.  Plus, the dogs are insane about him. :0)  This will be our last visit before he goes into the Navy.  He starts in February and will be going back east for boot camp.  I am so going to miss him and worry about him.  He is going in as a Corpsman. Medical just runs in this family.  His mother just got accepted into the local college's RN program.

So, maybe I will just post a few of my favorite Jalama photos over the next few days.  There is no cell phone activity, no computers, while we are camping on the beach.

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Karen said...

Dustin sounds like a wonderful young man, and it sounds like you'll have a wonderful time at the beach. I think I'm a little envious of that beach part....