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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Excellent products

I think all you bloggers need to post about something you can't live without or that has made life simpler for you.   Remember when I told you about the electronic trash cans?


Well, that particular trash can has been a fabulous asset to our kitchen.  No more dogs in the trash...pure and simple.  Love it. 

Now, I found another product that is a MUST have...especially when you live on a mountain;  rain, snow, and MUDDY footprints.  It is the classic waterhog indoor door mat.  I bought 2 small 2X3 waterhog mats from LL Bean before Christmas.  Wayne was so pleasantly surprised.  Me, too.  The dogs run in and the waterhog mat soaks up anything on their paws and still looks clean and new! 

I found an even better price at American Floor Mats.  I bought two 3X4 mats for both of our entrances. No shipping fee.  The smaller mats I will use in the travel trailers.  They come in a variety of colors.  They are so much nicer than putting towels down on the floor.  Haha.

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