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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

LA Equestrian center dressage

It was my girlfriend's birthday.  She has never owned a horse, but loves them dearly, so we go to the equestrian center a couple of times a year.  We love to watch the Grand Prix jumping and other special events.  Today was the Holiday dressage special.  We watched a few of the Intermediate classes.  If you aren't watching the "advanced" classes it's kind of like watching 'paint dry' after watching several horses go through their paces.  But, it was 85 degrees outside, a glorious day for horse watching. 

The LA equestrian center is pretty "fancy shmancy."  Sometimes they even give out free champagne.

Here is a picture of me standing on the veranda next to the equestrian ballroom.

I miss the days of going to the barn.  At least I can go to my "sheep" barn and clean it.  I was one that loved to clean the stall.  I loved anything to do with horses.  I enjoy cleaning the sheep barn, too.  haha

Mary loves to pet all of the horses.  Years ago when I first brought her here she was scared of them.

"Careful about sticking your fingers out to the horse like a bunch of carrots, Mary."

Yep, here is a horse getting in his miles on the tread mill.  His owners were probably at Vivas restaurant right next door having Margaritas like we were for lunch.  Margaritas and horses...the perfect combo.

I believe this particular pony had maxed out his limit on margaritas.   I was starting to feel that way.

What a pretty boy you are.  He just stood up after rolling in his shavings.  Santa, I've been a good girl. I'd like to have one just like him please.

We watched a little one take a jumping lesson on her pony for awhile.  She was pretty cute.

Then we wandered back over to the dressage arena to watch a few more horses perform.

"Y'all come back real soon.  And, bring me a carrot next time."

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Karen said...

Nice:) Reminds me of being at Spruce Meadows for agility this summer.