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Monday, December 13, 2010

Best Friends

When Yoko was growing up, she was fearful of Trouble. She had to learn how to play correctly with a "small" dog. Trouble was just the one to show her when she was too rough. Trouble can hang off a Border Collie's cheek to remind them. Now they are the best of friends and play all of the time.


I'm starting to call Yoko, Jet Jr., after her sire. She is changing all the time as to her work methodology.
She is starting to remind me of Jet at 3 yrs. of age (with some teeth.) She will heel slow sheep (little tolerance for stragglers) and will hit a heel if the sheep don't move nicely on her soft lift. The teeth must have come from her mother? Jet will hit a heel with lots of encouragement. Her mother will hit a nose in a heartbeat. I haven't seen that yet from Yoko. I worked a bit on it last year, but felt I was putting too much pressure on her. I'm letting her figure it out on her own. I notice how she is starting to figure out her pace in an arena now. Jet is master of the arena. Hardly a word needs to be said to him. I always bring him out to show me how it "should" look. Then I bring the girls out and see what is lacking in their approach. I notice that Yoko is much more like her sire in working a single or a pair of sheep. She works them with a calmness. Kilt gets too excited and tense working one or two sheep. I am appreciating Yoko's feel for her sheep. She is changing all of the time now. Yoko will be 3 yrs. of age on my birthday in January. I'm so looking forward to trialing her in 2011. I will keep her in Pro-Novice for 2011. No need to rush her.

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