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Monday, December 27, 2010

Humble Abode

 This is where we live.  Pretty modest.  About 1300 square feet.  Two stories.  Backed by 3 sides of the Angeles forest.  We have lived here for 20 plus years.  I still love our home as much as I did on the first day we moved in. :0)  Green Valley hasn't grown much.  I believe it had a population of 400 people in the 80's and is now up to about 850 people.  Pretty quaint. 

I love how the clouds hang on the mountains.  Our bedroom slider upstairs looks out at these mountains.
Our spa is down the hill a bit and to the left.  It overlooks the mountains.


Karen said...

That must be an awesome view on a clear day!

gvmama said...

Yeah...quaint, comfortable, and with awesome views. Plus, the Pacific Crest Trail almost out the front door. I have never wanted more. :0)