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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Yoko feeling the pressure

When I'm not working in the desert, I take the dogs over to Task Farms to work sheep. In the desert we work on outruns and walking sheep (driving) sheep for long distances.  When we go to the farm, we work on all sorts of different types of obstacles and pressures. Almost all of the sheep are pregnant, some are lambing, and most will lamb in the next month or so.  Since Yoko is coming 3 yrs. of age, I am starting to put some pressure on her.  You can see that she isn't taking some of my commands and "rightly" so.  She can feel the pressure much better than I can see it.
This is a great time to teach "Shhhhh Shhhhhhh."  It never fails, I missed some fabulous moves by Yoko, but this short video gives you an idea as to what we are working on.  What I really am starting to appreciate is Yoko's steadiness up close and turning sheep. She is much better than her mother, plus, she still has retained her bite when needed. I never have to ask her to bite. She knows when it is necessary. I'm really enjoying working her now. 
We will leave for the Campo stockdog trial on Thursday. I have to work Tues/Wed.  We are taking the big trailer and all 5 dogs.  I have a horrible draw with Kilt.  I'm almost last on Fri. afternoon and 1st on Sat. morning at 5:45 AM.  There are close to 70 dogs in the open class which starts on Thurs. and ends on Sat.  Yoko has a decent draw for Sunday in the pro-novice class.  Today I will go get us a honey baked ham and a few goodies to go along with it.  We will be working range ewes.  Kilt will feel the pressure and take the reins away from me, but I am very curious as to how Yoko will handle them.  Can't wait!

P.S. Yoko almost got her butt kicked today.  Two ewes kept confronting her.  I held my breath.  Yoko never took her eyes off of them.  She walked one step, one step, until she was a foot from their noses and they turned.  She did this 3 or 4 times.  Good girlie Yoko.  I could interfere, but I am pushing her a bit now.  I was glad they didn't mow her down. :0)

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