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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Yo driving under pressure

The other day I chatted briefly about setting up pressure situations for Yoko to "feel" her drive.  Sometimes I cut one or two sheep from a group and ask her to drive.  Today I loaded up 5 lambs and the lead wether into the stocktrailer.  I kept 3 ewes out for Yoko to drive.  They most definitely wanted back into the stock trailer with their buddies.   This is good practice for Yoko who tends to be more of a follower than a pusher like her mother.

I remember when I first started Yoko driving.  I asked Bob Stephens (expert BC boards) about her driving.  He said if she isn't "wearing" she doesn't have the concept of driving.  I had to think about that a bit.  Basically, she would follow along in a straight line trying to slip to the head in the beginning.  Less and less does she try to slip to the head; more and more comfortable she is becoming behind her sheep. 

I know that many will not be able to see the "pressure" the ewes are putting on her.  You will have to trust me that they want to run back to the stocktrailer.  Yoko is not really being wimpy, but she is being careful  not to upset the ewes for fear of losing them to the trailer. If given the chance, they will run full speed back to the stocktrailer.


Erin O said...

We need a walk in your desert.

gvmama said...

Lots of room.. Come join me :0)

Erin O said...

I was up at Whidbey today and did lots of walking. It would be so nice to just literally walk for 1/4 mile out and back.

DeltaBluez Tess said...

She has a nice feel for the sheep and puts the pressure where it needs to be....what a nice dog! You have done a great job wiht her!

gvmama said...

I'm glad you paid us a compliment. I wanted to strangle her today...hahaha

Erin O said...

Yes well I wanted to strangle mine yesterday. Growing pains.