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Sunday, November 28, 2010

On Our Way to the Kern River

Our first stop is Red Rock Canyon State Park which features scenic desert cliffs, buttes and spectacular rock formations. The park is located where the southernmost tip of the Sierra Nevada converge with the El Paso Range.

The unique and colorful layers of white, pink, red, and brown cliffs grace both east and west sides of Highway 14. These fluted folds are the result of wind and rain eroding the softer materials beneath the dark caprocks, which were formed by a harder lava flow layer.

The colorful and scenic cliffs that comprise Red Rock Canyon State Park has been the location of many movies, videos and commercials, including Jurassic Park.

Here's my five dogs.  Trouble in the front, Xena the Lab and Kilt, Jet, and Yoko.

Baby Yo, Mommy Kilt, and Daddy Jet

We were very secluded at our first stop until a bus load of Oriental people pulled up.  This gal loved dogs and let me tell you she got an arm full!  Xena had her on her back kissing her all over.  Jet is looking into her eyes like he has never been petted before.  Plus, she couldn't get rid of Kilt.  Very funny.

Xena  AKA "Bean" is the greatest dog in the world.  She is 12 yrs. old,  has never taken a lame step, and all she requires is her dinner, a cookie once in awhile, and a pat on the head.  Here she is taking care of her little buddy, Trouble.  It was too warm for Trouble to wear her sweatshirt.  No problem.  Xena will carry it until we get back to the car.  What a good girl Xena Bean is!


Karen said...

Gotta love those labs:) Xena looks awesome, you'd never know she was 12, and don't they love to carry things around:) Calli's big thing is shoes. When we come downstairs to go outside, she will pick up a shoe so that basically it is hanging down off her bottom jaw, walk around whining and will keep pushing the shoe up against our legs. I swear she learned that from our previous black lab, and I'll miss that. When we come back in she will pick one up again and take it back to her mat and use it as a pillow. On certain walks if she can find a big rock, she will carry that the whole way.

gvmama said...

Out of ALL of the dogs I have had, Xena is the easist going dog around. AGREED...Gotta LOVE a LAB.